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Grace Wethor is a 22-year-old award-winning actress, director, best-selling author, & brain cancer legislation advocate. After being diagnosed with an untreatable brain tumor at age 13, she moved to Los Angeles and began pursuing her dreams in film with full force. She gave her first TED Talk at age 15, released her first book at 16, spoke at the United Nations at 17, and released her first original television series at 18. Now harnessing her skills from her time as a Teen Vogue It Girl, she is the CEO of GRAE Entertainment, a luxury marketing, media, & holding company based in Beverly Hills, CA. Nine years later and still fighting, she hopes to use film to tell unseen stories & show other young people that they can pursue their dreams despite their circumstances or illness.


The first of its kind, GRAE Entertainment is a marketing, media, & holding company specializing in film production, digital strategy, and share ownership of over 60 iconic luxury brands. 

A community dedicated to educating women & artists about blockchain, NFTs, crypto, & metaverse opportunities. 

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With a reach of over 40 million followers on social media, Young Hollywood is a group of young people that GRAE believes are approaching the entertainment industry with unique perspectives. 

A space dedicated to educating & advocating for causes aligned with GRAE Entertainment & Grace Wethor's mission. Recent ventures include visits to the White House, legislation advocacy, partnerships with non-profits, & educational documentaries. 

Five years after the success of her first book, bestselling author Grace Wethor returns with her first published work of fiction. The coming-of-age story follows a 17-year-old boy named Seven Thompson as he navigates the aftermath of a traumatic event that takes all of his personal memories. 


16-year-old Grace Wethor brings levity and a fresh young eye to the twists and turns of modern cancer survival through poems, art, excerpts, and chapter takeovers from other survivors in this exhilarating debut book.

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